Meta is an outstanding community

I really appreciate that, apart from Discourse, there’s various other good solutions for building community platforms. But when it comes to community, I’d be hard pressed to even name another company or project that dedicates a comparable effort to it’s own community. The Discourse team really lives it’s own product. This shows and is indeed the reason why I would name Discourse as the best community solution out there.

A big praise and thanks to the team and all members of this forum for a community I love being part of :orange_heart:


Thank you so much for the kind words! :pray:t5::blush::heart:


I concur! :heart_hands:

Though I first read the title as “Meta is an outstanding company” and I had to do a double take. I can’t imagine most individuals ever saying that… :grin:


A certain company (FB) is trying to weasel in on Discourse’s reputation. :laughing:


We were here first, dag-nabbit!

Thank you so much for the praise, and very much agree. It’s already great to be able to work on open source everyday, but having an incredible community like Meta makes it so much more than just the software. Yall are great.