Minimum number of days before returning to the same subject

Hi, I have this setting in my categories setting: “Minimum number of days before returning to the same subject”, I do not know what it is designed for. Not sure of the translation, in my French Discourse, it is “Nombre minimum de jours avant de revenir sur le même sujet”, thanks !

Hi Patrick. :wave:

Could you share a screenshot of that setting with the surrounding settings? I searched for that string in the git repo and can’t find it in a translation file. :thinking:


Ah, I see! :+1:

In the English interface it is, “Minimum days before bumping the same topic again”.

You would think I would have connected that, having written a guide on this: Configuring Auto-Bumping for Topics :smiley:

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Thanks, I’ll read that :grinning:

So if I may, the correct French translation would be more: “Nombre minimum de jours avant de remonter le même sujet”, the French word “revenir” is misleading in that case, it does not connect to the other setting. Thanks for the explanation of the process !