Missing "Options Gear-Wheel" when creating a Topic

I just discovered a strange behavior in one of my Discourse instances.
The “Options Gear-Wheel” wheel is missing within the “Create a new Topic” section.

Missing “Options Gear-Wheel”

How is should look like

I have no idea what might be the reason for that.

Some facts about both instances: Both are on v1.7.0.beta7
(The instance where everything is working fine is on v1.7.0.beta7+199, the one with the bug is on v1.7.0.beta7+193)

This is a comparison of all installed plugins:

Left side = Bugy instance / Right side = Working fine

I’m gratefull for any help. Thx :slight_smile:

@cpradio This bug prevents users from using your awesome poll UI. Maybe you can have a look into this as well?

I haven’t found a way to repro on +192 or +199

Do you have any CSS customizations or JS customizations on the buggy instance?

And the commits between +192 and +199 have nothing to do with the composer.

Do you see any errors in the Dev Console Window on the buggy instance?


Thx a lot. Didn’t think about that. A simple display “none” in the CSS caused the “bug”. -.-