Moderation advice

Hi folks, wonder if you have some advice for me. Had a look at the documentation, but it doesn’t go too much into detail.
Based on the nature of our product I expect that occasionally we’ll have people posting content that is helpful for us to know, but we don’t want it to be public.
In other words I want our staff who don’t have full admin or mod access to be able to flag a post, have it removed from view (temporarily or not) and ping the mod team, but not to punish the user who posted it.

What would be the best flow for this, or how do you do it? I’m not too familiar yet with how flagging works and affects users.


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you can move posts to different topics. Here is an exact description on how to do that:

So you create a category that is only accessible by your staff. And then you create a topic there maybe with a title like: “support ticket” or “valuable feedback”.

So the user will feel rewarded while you also achieve your goal of removing the information from the public view.


Thanks for that. Would love if there were a more automatic hide function upon flagging, but I guess that’s the best option.
I may just ask them to flag it, queue it for review and then unlist it.

Trust Levels

Have you considered making these users a higher trust level? For example, users who are Trust Level 4 can simply unlist/hide any topic they can see.

Watched Words

If there are words/terms that are common in the posts which need to be hidden, then Watched Words might also be of interest to you.

You could use Flag to allow topics to be posted, and then reviewed, or Require Approval which triggers the topic to be reviewed privately before it can be made public.