Moderation on TL4 users


When you read the title of this thread you maybe will be surprised but i guess this is an specific use case.

Our forum belongs to an UK Company which is going to be regulated by some Financial Regulators Entities on the same country, hence we need to moderate all the content(new topics and replies) the company employees will post on our forum. The problem is that we need them locked to TL4.

What we need is the following: allow users under TL4 (TL3, TL2, TL1 and even TL0) to create topics(with moderation) and to post replies(with no moderation) but users on TL4(only Team members and company employees) going forced through moderation no matter what, so when they create a new topic or post a new reply to an existing topic those actions go to moderation.

It sounds a bit contradictory but that’s what we need: users with low TL replying freely while users with TL4 being moderated in comments and even in newly created topics.

The only way we have been able to achieve this behavior is by demoting Tem Members and employees to TL0 and setting up approve unless trust level and approve new topics unless trust level to TL0 so when a TL0 user(now Team members and employees) post anything it goes to moderation forced no matter what while other users on higher TL’s can, for example, reply freely…but having company employees and team members locked on TL0 is not an option for our forum as it limits too much the potential interaction between community and the members of the team and company.

Is there a way we can achieve this but having Team members and employees on TL4?

P. S: We need this not because we do not trust on TL4 users, we do, we trust on them(as said, they are Team Members and employees) but we need, for some financial regulatory policies, force moderation on all the activity on TL4 users…any help would be much appreciated!

Sounds like you need this plugin here: Force specific users through moderation


Umm seems pretty neat and simple to use…but the problem here is that i cannot install the plugin as i am hosted with you guys…so i have not access to any console to install the plugin

We do support plugins on the enterprise plan. Contact the support email in order to discuss the upgrade.

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Thanks! Will contact support then!

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