Set a specific user to always be moderated

Maybe I’m missing it:

Is there any way to configure a specific user to always be moderated? (i.e., Always have their posts held in the moderation queue for review before posting?)

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Not directly. You could require moderation for all TL0-posts and then lock that user on that trust level, but that forces you to moderate all posts from new users.


Nice idea. Since we use an external SSO provider, we create accounts at TL1 automatically. I changed the site setting for approve unless trust level to 1 so this approach will be possible. Thanks!

This should work!
Keep in mind that TL0 comes with a few additional restrictions, but this might even be what you want for a troublesome user :slight_smile:


Assuming you don’t have that many troublesome TL1 (and lower) users, I would reconsider leaving the setting at “unless 0” and manually setting (and locking) the troublesome user’s TL to 0 as suggested

We’ve always considered re-scoping this, e.g.

  • this topic must have all responses pre-moderated
  • this category must have all responses pre-moderated
  • this user must have all responses pre-moderated

haven’t quite had a compelling enough use case yet though


That wouldn’t be horrible, but I personally can’t see it as the mainline behavior for anything in our community.

Agree, this feature is heavily underused atm, almost all the communities we host do not pre-moderate. It places a huge barrier in front of users and flagging usually takes care of it less obtrusively.

If we are going to invest any time here we should first make it so the experience of the person being pre-moderated is a lot better.

After you post a pre-moderated post, you can not “tell” you have one going on the topic (no breadcrumb saying you have a post pending). You can not edit your response for typos or withdraw it. I feel this is far more important to tackle first.