Latest Topic Bug (Hopscotch Forum)

For some reason the latest topic screen is like this. I don’t know why…but I can guess because of the really long tag, can you limit the amount of characters?


@Cool_Cool, you’ll need to ask the moderators at Hopscotch to remove the tag that’s causing the issue. We can’t do that for you. Tags are already limited to 20 characters, that user just took advantage of a very wide character

@awesomerobot is there something we can do to prevent tags from overflowing and messing with the UX like that?


Bah, exploits like this are so mean-spirited :japanese_goblin:. This is indeed a wide character: ﷽.

I can add some CSS to tags that truncates with an ellipsis if they go beyond a max-width.


Ok thanks you, the tag was removed but it is still in the weird format


Whoops! So sorry, I did not mean for any mal intent. My bad. Just trying to uncover some bugs to squash so users in the future don’t get sneaky :ant:

(For a bug like this, you’d probably need to measure the pixel width of each Unicode character, or just limit what kind of characters you are able to use)

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