Move long titles to Message Area

As shown in my screenshot, I watch forums to read in Outlook, which works great except some forum posters put their entire message in the Subject Title (not entirely viewable) with only a few words in the Message Area.

When a Subject Title is longer than 30 characters, can the entire Subject Title be copied into the Message Area before it is posted and emailed to those watching the forum?

Or can we persuade users to use the Message Area by limiting the Subject Title to only 20 characters?

And/or can we have their Subject Title copied into their Message Area and move the cursor to the Message Area to allow them to keep typing (where it would be easier for others to read)?

Hi Guy,
This is probably something you should take up with the forum owners.

We have tools in place – i.e. title lengths can be limited – but we can’t enforce that forum owners use them.

We also have a policy of editing long or ambiguous titles here on Meta. That could be an option at Couchbase if they have the moderation resource.