Move username & profile picture setting?

Just a quick thought with the new preferences organization:

I think Profile Picture should live in the “Profile” section. It makes more sense there instead of in the “Account” section.

Also (perhaps less so) I think it makes more sense for username to go in the “Profile” section since that’s also a big part of their profile.


All the essential settings that make up your default user card, the one that shows on posts, like this post, should be on the default first tab.


Username definitely should definitely stay in the account section. Account information pretty much universally includes account name (username), password, email address.

Profile is definitely more of the personal things (like bio).

I get that for username. But I think profile picture should move to the “Profile” section. I mean they both even have “profile” in the name

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I’m just going to add my voice here that I couldn’t figure out how to update my profile picture. I was on the profile page where all the rest of the profile information that shows up on my user card etc was editable, but no place to change my profile picture. Very confusing.

Also, if I want people to fill out their profile, they should really be able to do so on one page. All the other information on the account page is required at signup. But if they signup, and then I direct them to fill out their profile page, they will still never have had the option of specifying a profile picture. (We are not allowing social media signup, and lots of people don’t have gravatars.)

I think name (not username) and profile picture should be moved to the profile page.

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