Moving posts between private topics

One of our TL4’s found they can’t move posts between private topics. The functionality to select the posts and find the destination is there, but then they get a “Your are not permitted to view the requested resource” when they try.

I couldn’t reproduce this with an admin account, so the permission issue seems to be specific to non staff accounts (TL4s in this case). Being the topic’s OP didn’t seem to influence the error.

This is with the latest stable. I’m afraid I don’t have easy access to a tests-passed instance with TL4 right now. I couldn’t find any message about this, but apologies in advance if I missed it.

FWIW, I get the same message on my test site (updated this morning):

I’m not sure if TL4 would have message access to do this though? So maybe the option to is a red herring?

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