Moving posts should preserve edits history

If a user creates a new topic and another user makes some edits, when an admin selects it and moves it to a different topic (with or without preserving the creation order), the edits are lost.

This only happens on the first post of the topic (the edits on any further posts are preserved), which is the same behavior of timed/scheduled topics (all edits are lost and the created_at date is reset).

Steps to replicate:

  1. Create a new topic
  2. Post a reply to the first post
  3. Make some edits to both posts
  4. Select both posts and move them to an existing topic

Expected behavior: The edits on both posts are visible.
Current behavior: The edits on the first post are not visible.


I was able to repro :+1:

We can see on the video that the edit history is lost on the first post after moving it.

Thanks for the report!


Hey @Nacho_Caballero,

A fix was merged yesterday:

Thank you!


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