Must have plugins and components for Discourse?

Hi everyone.
I haven’t’ used Discourse in a while, now I’m back I see so much has changed (what a great community!).
If I had to install a fresh new forum, what components, and plugins (or themes) would you recommend?

Thanks a lot.

Have a look at Discourse pricing | Discourse - Civilized Discussion and see what plugins are offered on the various plans.


Go to plugin , select “Top” and Period “Year”?

Same for Tag theme-component ?


It entirely depends on your needs, whether it’s cosmetic or adds features.

I can still share the components and plugins I use on all (or almost all) my own forums.


Data Explorer: always useful as an admin.
Who’s Online: it’s a nice touch to inform people that there is actually other folks browsing at the same time, and it fits my communities sizes
Discourse Yearly Review: adds a bit of fun :slight_smile:
Discourse Locations (unofficial): I use it on my trading categories.


DiscoToc - automatic table of contents: great for guides
Inline PFD Previews: it’s convenient
MD Topic List Mobile (unofficial): greatly improves the topic list on mobile in my opinion


Thanks, this is a great tip!

Thank you for the list! DiscoTOC - automatic table of contents looks great