Mute topics from the unread list?


When browsing a topic, one can use the m, m shortcut to mute it.

Using, g, u, one can browse the unread topic list. Jumping to each entry typing j, it would be useful to change the notification state for the topics, based on current interests. For example, in the following screenshot, typing m, m would mute the currently selected “Topic Ratings Plugin”.

Visual Feedback

I’m proposing this feature because I tried doing it, and as I did not get any visual feedback, I assume nothing happened. If this is not the case, feel free to move this topic to #support or #bug.

When muting a topic in the unread topic list, I would expect to have one or more of the following things happening:

  • the count of unread posts disappears
  • the topic is greyed out
  • the topic is removed from the list

Similarly, if one wants to watch a topic, they could hit m, w and the topic would be highlighted.

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