Any way to keep muted categories to appear in the category page (like it used to be in the past)?

With the actual discourse versions, since not a long time, muted categories don’t appear in the categories page anymore (they are instead grouped in a collapsible hidden group at the bottom of the category page).
In the past categories use to keep being regularly listed in the category page and one could use this plugin to hide their muted topics from the latest topics page and this css plugin to hide all the muted categories from the categories page.

Is there any way to revert back to old behaviur? (Even a css solution would be something …).
I desperately need all the muted categories to appear in the category page like in the good old days (and at the same time to mute some categories so that their post don´t get included in the email digest).
I would highly appreciate if someone could help with a suggestion or a solution.

Note to the devs: instead of removing completely the old behavior and scrap the old code, wasn’t it possible to include a flag in the admin settings to let the admin select if to keep showing muted categories or send them hidden to the bottom of the category page like thy are now? Thank you for the great work you are doing.


I’m kind of bumping this up. Is @mangojumbo’s proposal possible?


I think one step further and also have an option in user profile interface menu.