Muted categories not respected in Top lists

Not sure if this is working as intended - but when you mute a category topics from it are still showing in the Top lists.

Would it be worth muting topics from muted categories in all areas?

This is by design at the moment.

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This would make sense in my project as well. Users would only want to see the top topics from categories which they haven’t muted. Otherwise they see a whole bunch of irrelevant topics from muted (irrelevant) categories, essentially making ‘top’ rather pointless.

Can we perhaps have an option to not show topics from muted categories in any view?


Not sure, how do you feel about this @sam @eviltrout? Maybe we should do it.


It should be pretty easy to add, we already respect category filtering there

@vinothkannans can you add to your list


Now the muted category topics are excluded in the /top page.


Awesome, thanks @vinothkannans :ok_hand: