Muted Default Categories Not Working

Hey, on our forum here…

…we have a category called Marketplace. Because we’re in the crypto community we get a lot of advertisements that we’d like to keep contained in this category. We would like to keep the category visible in category view so that users can access and read these threads, however we don’t want the threads from this category appearing in latest view and cluttering up the list. So I read up on how to do this in settings and found this thread…

I tried adding Marketplace to the muted default categories list and I posted a test thread in that category to see if it worked. Unfortunately, the test thread was still showing up in latest view and on the hybrid page, even though I set it not to. I think there may be a bug for this feature.

You may want to:


This doesn’t seem like a bug to me. Default Muted Categories in Admin > Settings do not work that way, it defaults the Muted Categories Preference for new registrations, not existing.

Instead you have to add that category to the Muted Category preference for all existing users (including your own).


Ok, I didn’t realize it was only for new registrations.

Is this thread correct that you currently still have to do this manually, as there is nothing in settings yet that allows you to easily change it?

Simply edit the category and suppress it from the homepage via the relevant Boolean field in the settings for this category.


Won’t doing that remove it from category view as well, since I’m using that as the homepage? I want it to remain visible from category view to my users so they can see and access it. I only want the threads from that category to be hidden so that they aren’t included in the latest list. The reason for this is because advertisements will be posted there, so it appears spammy if it’s included in latest. I still want people to be able to see and access the advertisements from that category though. Does that make sense?

So just to be clear, I would need to carry this out manually by following the instructions posted in the thread I linked above, correct?

Yes, that sounds correct.

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I also noticed that the setting for opening links in a new tab works in a similar way and also only applies to new user accounts. Is there anything comparable that I can do to change the user preferences for all existing users so that existing accounts are all set to open external links in a new tab? My forum was recently converted over from SMF, so nobody has really gotten a chance to personalize any settings, so I think this change is fine to make.

Yes, depending on the number of users, this may not be the best approach, but you can use

./launcher enter app
rails c
UserOption.update_all(external_links_in_new_tab: true)