Muted topics don’t show in Knowledge Explorer

We’ve run into an interesting Knowledge Explorer problem which has arisen since the ‘Suppress from Latest’ option was migrated to category muting.

I’m working with a team who uses a category to track every asset they create or modify. Assets are added in bursts, and tagged extensively. Previously suppress from latest allowed them to avoid bombarding /latest but they could still use Knowledge Explorer with those topics.

The migration to category muting broke that, muted categories don’t appear in Knowledge Explorer, even if the category is explicitly listed in knowledge explorer categories. I’ve tried using the Suppress Topic From Latest plugin from @RGJ and those topics are also suppressed from Knowledge Explorer.

Am I missing anything obvious here?


I’ll have a look and see what’s reasonable here.


Thanks, would be great to figure out a new working solution here.

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Hello. I’m having this issue now as well. We have how-tos in categories that are muted by default that we would still like available via the knowledge explorer. I look forward to seeing what’s possible.


I’m working on a fix for this but I’m running into some conflicts with core that I’m trying to sort out.


Should be fixed here: