My own mailbox / Mailgun smtp

Hi ,

I am using mailgun “pay as you go” smtp service and also i need my own
mailbox for contact form , eg . Mailgun says there´s
no way to do that , so what options i have to do it ? i am using D.O container.

I guess mailgun is essentially for SENDING emails. You would need a mail server capable of RECEIVING mail. But you would probably need another machine / VM / VPS than the one running Discourse (or it’s a little complicated). Your best option would be to get this from your registrar (where you bought your domain name). They should propose this service for not much. If you have troubles finding this at an affordable price, send me a private message, and I’ll give you a hand.

I will ask on my register but I don’t think can works (dns from digitalocean with email from register) right?

Your domain points to a nameserver. On this nameserver (whichever you’re using), the configuration for a website and email are two different things. You use a “A record” to point to the IP address where your website is, and you use “MX records” to point to where you’re receiving emails for the domain.

So in principle, shouldn’t be a problem. Now, some registrar only provide email if you’re actually using their nameservers. What you could also do, and point to D.O. just for the website.

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