Mysterious failure ("NS_BINDING_ABORTED") when upgrading

When I upgraded my Discourse instance to 3.1.3 yesterday, I also upgraded the discourse-solved plugin, to this version:

Upon restarting Discourse, I was greeted with a non-working site with failures that I could not make heads or tails of. Firefox reported NS_BINDING_ABORTED errors for essentially all HTTP requests, and only the “categories” and “tags” boxes were shown. The site was consuming 100% CPU, and on Chrome, memory usage spiralled so quickly that it nearly took out my machine. With time, and because this post implicated plugins, I eventually discovered that reverting discourse-solved to this version:

returned my site to working order.

We need more info here, can you look at /logs on your site, and provide us with some error logs during the time this was an issue?