NameCheap DNS vs DigitalOcean DNS

Installing new instance of Discourse on DigitalOcean. I have a domain through NameCheap. Do I need to invoke ‘Custom DNS’ in NameCheap and point it to DO (, etc) and then do all the domain work (C Name, A Name, etc) through DO? Or should the domain work be done through NameCheap?

Do not use DO for DNS, just edit your registrar’s DNS to point the relevant A record to the IP address of your DO droplet.


@codinghorror Thanks Jeff. For the $99 install option, do you sort all of this out? I am using DO, NameCheap, and SparkPost. I’m ready to throw my hands up and let the masters have at it!!

Well sort of, only you control your domain name so you still have to edit the DNS at some point in this process…

I just went through this yesterday with the one-click DO and GoDaddy, but Mandril was only able to verify DKIM and SPF after I created a zone file at DO.

Are you saying it should not be done this way?