NameCheap DNS vs DigitalOcean DNS

(Blu Spektrum) #1

Installing new instance of Discourse on DigitalOcean. I have a domain through NameCheap. Do I need to invoke ‘Custom DNS’ in NameCheap and point it to DO (, etc) and then do all the domain work (C Name, A Name, etc) through DO? Or should the domain work be done through NameCheap?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Do not use DO for DNS, just edit your registrar’s DNS to point the relevant A record to the IP address of your DO droplet.

(Blu Spektrum) #3

@codinghorror Thanks Jeff. For the $99 install option, do you sort all of this out? I am using DO, NameCheap, and SparkPost. I’m ready to throw my hands up and let the masters have at it!!

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Well sort of, only you control your domain name so you still have to edit the DNS at some point in this process…


I just went through this yesterday with the one-click DO and GoDaddy, but Mandril was only able to verify DKIM and SPF after I created a zone file at DO.

Are you saying it should not be done this way?