Setting up domain and DO nameservers

I’m setting up my forum but i was just wondering if i should use Digitalocean’s nameservers or not.
or should i only point my website to DO ipadress?

thanks in advance

Hi there,

It’s better to use Digital Ocean DNS than just using domain provider’s (ex., godaddy /namecheap) default DNS

  • Change Name servers at Domain Registrar (godaddy) to Digital Ocean Nameservers ( etc)
    Now you can manage DNS records at digital ocean
  • Add A record to point to Digital Ocean droplet IP ( in Digital Ocean Networking

Hope this helps

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Really? I don’t think that’s the recommended approach:


It really depends on where domain purchased. Some domain registrar’s DNS lookup times are really horrible.
yes. but as suggested by @codinghorror the thread contains all relevant information to choose which way you should go

Thank you.

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And some of them have horrible interfaces for management.

If you don’t have enough traffic that you’ve hired someone who has a strong opinion, it mostly doesn’t matter as long as you can remember where it is that you need to go to make changes next time you need to.


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