Need a fast troubleshoot - installation

(Daniel Nevoigt) #1

Hello mates,

hope you guys have a solution for my problem.
Just installed discourse on a Ubuntu 16.04 System with Plesk on it, using this guide and the official setup guide.

very straightforward guide. I made every step as described, but I will point them here again fast:

  1. created subdomain in plesk panel
    2. edited discourse-setup to use port 8060 & 9443
  2. edited discourse-setup to: check_port “8060” & check_port “9443”
  3. performed install like described in github
  4. edited app.yml to use described ports 8060:80 & 9443:443
  5. rebuild app
  6. for the subdomain edited nginx proxy rules, btw. added the rule for 8060:80

Error in brwoser is 502 Bad Gateway, nginx and in Plesk error logs from the subdomain:
2938#0: *341 recv() failed (104: Connection reset by peer) while reading response header from upstream

I am out of mind now, I don´t know what to do…:disappointed_relieved:

Cheers, Daniel

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Discourse only works on the default ports (80 / http and 443 / https). If you need different ports you will have to proxy externally.

(Daniel Nevoigt) #3

Sorry, my english, I meant in point 2 not use ports, check ports I meant. Without that I couldn´t use ./discourse-setup. If that was wrong, please point me to the right direction

(Daniel Nevoigt) #4

It´s a problem with ssl config. I just found out and got it started.