New Topic Header Button

I guess best behaviour would be to start the composer with empty category if the user does not have the permission to create new topic in the current one? Potentially with a modal and a notice about such.

I wanted to have this functionality as well so I forked the repo and made it show the “New Topic” button to anonymous as well as logged in users. If an anonymous user clicks the button, they get redirected to the login/signup modal.

Repo: GitHub - Peterlollo/discourse-new-topic-button-for-all-users-theme-component: Adds new topic button to header and shows it to every user regardless of logged in status


There’s some outdated class names, so the styles don’t show as intended. Added a pr to update them: FIX: update declarations by nolosb · Pull Request #6 · discourse/discourse-new-topic-button-theme-component · GitHub


Is it possible to update this plugin to the new version?

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I’ve just merged a refactor of this component so it will work with these updates: Upcoming Header Changes - Preparing Themes and Plugins

The component should function as it did before, with some small enhancements (it will reflect draft state and react to the current category and tag permissions). If you notice any new issues please let us know.


I’ve just added a new show_to_anon setting (disabled by default) that will do this.


How “feasible” would it be to add a dropdown menu just like in nolo’s dropdown wizard component?

Since we are using the custom wizard to create new topics in specific categories, we would like to basically link those in the dropdown menus. In addition we would also like to add some staff-only links (such as “New category” and “New group”) to the button.