New topic not showing up in Category or NEW

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Recently there have been several anime with very short titles or titles with common words. (All Out, Just Because, etc.) This makes it all but impossible to search for these topics. Even using the quotation marks around the title doesn’t work, so we’ve had to improvise solutions.

Today, I was making a new topic for an anime titled “Planet With”. (yes, that’s all there is)

After posting, it doesn’t show up in the “NEW”, “LATEST” or even in the Anime Category itself.

Since I can’t ask the Japanese to retitle it, Is there anything I can do to make it show up?

Here’s the topic. And you can see that I made it within the last hour and that it’s not showing up anywhere.

The only way to find it is to do a search for " Planet With "

UPDATE - another user added a comment and the topic has appeared.

Sorry for the false alarm, but I’ve never had that happen before.

Thank you for your time.


Have you tried ordering search by latest when you search? test l will find all the topics with the word test ordered by latest, there is also a drop down in advanced search for that


Thanks for the response, and yes, we tried that also, but the entire thread wasn’t showing up.

But like I said above, as soon as a new post was put in, it showed up in the search and in the category.

Weird glitch, I think.


I see, if this happens again let us know we can hunt down the topic in the database. Closing for now.

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