New user of the month badge: variables error

New user of the month: wrong month, not localized에서 토론을 계속:

First, thank you for the good forum :heart_eyes:

My forum use Korean and was opened on January 18, 2022.

When awarding this month’s new user badge, there is an error in the system message.

→ in English,
“Congratulations, you’ve been awarded the New User of the Month award for % B % Y .”

I did this to correct this error.

  1. Visit site setting > text to find the variable % B % Y. However, there was %{month_year}. I cannot fix,…

  2. So, I checked Badge query at GitHub. I checked the commit contents of this link. It was confirmed that the content before the commitment was month_year: ("%B%Y").

I guess the cause of the problem is two things.

  1. Because the forum was created at the end of January, previous_month_beginning could not be calculated in month_year: I18n.l (previous_month_beginning, format: no_day). So system printed ‘%B%Y’.

  2. Or, this is the case when the badge of the forum is prior to commit.

  3. Or, Translation error

I wonder the reason of this error… And let me know if there’s a way I can solve this error. Thanks