No scrolling in "Unsupported browser" site version

Discourse 3.1.0.beta5.

When the website is loaded in unsupported desktop browser (or, I assume, gets crawled as well), the page does not scroll.

This is due to initial overflow-y: hidden set for the splash screen, but due to JS errors and such, the “application” never gets started and never receives the chance to remove the attribute.

First bad commit is

Would this not be one of the consequences of it being an unsupported browser?

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This version is supposed to be read-only, but you can’t read since there’s no scrolling. I assume the same issue applies when it’s being saved by Wayback Machine, crawlers, etc.

This is a bug.

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The issue is caused due to usage of relatively new revert option of CSS, which is not widely supported by outdated browsers.

overflow-y: revert !important;

Consider using initial instead of revert.

What is the browser and version where this happens?

SeaMonkey 2.53.16, the latest one.