No updates page on admin panel

For some reason the update page on our admin panel is blank and we cannot access the docker manager to update it or any other features.

Your Discourse installation is out of date. Click here to upgrade.

And we get this;

Any reason this could be happening? Any advice would be appreciated.

Hello :wave:

Is there any error in browser console and on /logs page?

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That admin page UX looks awefully old. You might want to attempt a rebuild from command line.

ssh into your server as root and run the following:

cd /var/discourse
git pull
./launcher rebuild app
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Thanks for that info. Yes, this is what I was trying to do an update. Doing one through my server seems impossible ever since Linode changed to Akamai. For some reason it won’t accept my login and password. I want to change the server to Digital Ocean but I don’t have the expertise to transfer all the data (approx. 5.6gb) of our site across to the new server. I have asked Digital Ocean for assistance.

It might be worth approaching akamai/Linode support to help you get access to your server. They should have a way to give you the access (or the instructions to perform a recovery) upon validating that you’re the account owner.

If you would like to hire someone to do the migration, it might be a good idea to post in marketplace