Not able to delete a sub category due to Adblock plugin

I am setting up a brand new forum and have a broken, non-viewable sub category stuck that I cannot remove because the UI will not load.

I made a sub-category for the default “Lounge” category.

I then adjusted the default permissions of the “Lounge” category so that it was viewable and usable by “everyone”, not just members with trust level 3.

Now I cannot view or delete the sub category that I had made. I can view the “Lounge” category just fine and post topics, but if I click on its sub category, I just get the spinning wheel icon and it never loads.

Because of this, I cannot delete the subcategory nor can I delete the outermost “Lounge” category.

How can I “force” delete a sub-category? Is there some way to remove it other than the UI given that the UI is broken for me?

If I click the sub-category ("Advertisements) I am left with this forever:

Actually just noticed it works in the Microsoft Edge browser for some reason but not on Chrome

The Chromium version of Microsoft Edge? If so, we can presume that it only affects Google Chrome and not all Chromium browsers.

Yeah, I believe it is the “Chromium” version of Edge.

Can you post the error you see in your browser console (usually F12)?

It’s highly unusual that Edge would work and Chrome would not.

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Kind of weird but it maybe it is my ad blocker plugin or something?

I found out that if I name the channel “Advertisements” it seems to block it from loading

But if I name it anything else, it seems to work as expected, even with the recreated “Lounge” channel.

I can try turning off my ad blocker extension and seeing if that is it or not and post again, just rebuilding now.

And I can try to get the console error as well.

Lol okay, can confirm. It was my Google Chrome “AdBlock” extension and the fact the category is named “Advertisements”.

It also turns out it doesn’t matter if it is just a sub-category or a top level category.

Not sure if this is fixable on your end and if it can be considered a #bug or not lol

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