Topics disappeared from category!

Hello, Im confused about this bug.

you can visit the category from here

Can you please be more specific?

Are you referring to the same issue as your previous topic?


I notice two things: shows there are 5 topics in this category.

But the category is named “ad” and I supposed it could be because these topics are advertisements removed by a browser ad-blocker.

On my default browser which uses an ad-blocker, I see no topics on your link, exactly like you.

Using Safari, which has no ad-blocker by default, I see the posts:

I’m not 100% sure this is the cause, but if it’s not, that should give enough clues to help pinpoint the exact cause :slight_smile:

edit: oh, I replied but apparently didn’t see the screenshot in lilly’s post :smile:

edit again: that seems to be the issue:

My adblocker adds a display: none !important; on these elements:


I think many adblockers look for the “ad” word. Using a different name for your category may fix the issue.


yea but unlike mine, your reply was actually helpful :joy:

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it works fine !
I didn’t even close to this solution!
I Changed the slug from “ad” to “sh3ll”.
Thank you alot and now it works without any problems. :heart:

again @Lilly Thank you for help lily :heart:


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