Not receiving backup emails

When I click on the link ‘Send email with download link’ I am not receiving the email. I presume this email should be sent to the administrators email account?

I have this setting turned on in the admin area: Log all email processing failures to /logs

Other emails are working, and there are no email errors in the logs.

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Hello. Will this work?

If this doesn’t solve the case, there might be an issue with your email or the forum. I’m not that good at helping, but we as a community, try our best to help others’ issues.

The backup was successful.

Visit the [admin > backup section]( to download your new backup.

Here’s the log:

[]( (9.54 KB)

If I click backup in the admin area I receive ‘The backup was successful’ email.

But how do I actually download the backup?

It’s like a broken loop, the email refers me back to the place where I created the backup to download, but if you hover over the button to download it says ‘Send email with download link’.