Topic bar missing on iOS 10

When trying to compose a new topic post or PM, the topic bar is missing (hidden).

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Because screen real estate is limited, some UI elements are intentionally left out.

Maybe if you can post a mock-up of where it could be without causing problems for any other mobile devices it could be put in?

It’s bigger than a real estate problem. Without the topic bar you can send a new PM or post a new topic. It won’t let you!

When composing a new PM or topic the bar needs to be shown. It’s hidden behind the message box. Move the box down a bit.

What iPhone / iOS versions are you using?

I can reproduce in iOS 10 (it’s fine in 11) — Likely a flexbox issue; I’m taking a look now


iPhone 6S iOS 10.3.2


Just pushed a fix, there was a line of CSS hanging around that wasn’t doing much aside from causing an iOS10 bug. It will be live on meta at some point today.