Notes about Arabic translation

Hello all.
So I tried today entering Crowdin to translate stuff, and found out that a new agency took care of all translations.

Even though the translation method for Arabic isn’t the method I prefer, it’s understandable that this is now the way.

Still, I’m a bit sad that the agency didn’t check how things look like within Discourse itself.

  1. All timestamp variables are prefixed with “at”/“في”. This causes issues like:

You read this at 5 seconds ago.
لقد قرأت هذا في منذ 5 ثوانٍ.‏

  1. Page titles. They aren’t properly translated in a way that “Unread” + “Posts” make sense. Example:

Unread The posts
موضوعات غير المقروءة

  1. Some bad translations:


Other than that, the quality is good and translations are consistent.