Notifications from @mentions don't fire when scheduled post is published

To schedule a topic to be published at a later date, you can follow this guide: How to create a Timed Topic

Pretend for the moment that the topic you are scheduling contains @ mentions.

Expected behavior
When the topic is ultimately published, a notification is sent to the users/groups who are mentioned.

Observed behavior
No notification is sent when the topic is published.



After a whole lot of trial and error, I think I’ve found that the only way to send a notification to an @ mentioned user in a timed topic posting, is if they’re actively “Watching” the category into which the topic is published. Even setting the category to “Tracking” wouldn’t send the notification, which does seem like a bug.

A simple workaround could be to create and select a new category in the “default categories watching” user preference. Then any topics you publish into that category would send a notification to any user mentioned.

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Well, and also everyone else too, though?

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Yeah…this workaround is not a great idea…but it would allow someone to notify mentioned users pretty quickly, without having to modify any code.

It would be better to make the behavior for the “Normal” category notification-level match its explanation, “You will be notified if someone mentions your @name or replies to you.”