Notification for after a topic is posted using Schedule Publishing shows nothing but a spinner

I’m using a topic timer to schedule posts to be published in the future.[1] The system gives me a notification, which is handy:

Screenshot 2024-02-28 at 12.56.37 PM

“February 28, 1974” is the title of the topic, to clear up potential confusion. But the link goes to this history dialog box that’s less useful:


Not sure what makes more sense. Maybe just showing the post?

  1. This is to publish my mom’s journal entries 50 years to the day after they were written. ↩︎


Hi Jon! :wave:

First, wanted to let you know we are looking into this, our team has been able to reproduce it. :+1:

Second: best use of scheduled posts I’ve heard! :trophy:


Hi @jericson - I have reproduced this error but not for the topic timer. that notification is for an (deleted or moved?) edit, not the post itself - notice the pencil. I used watched tracking to do this with a test user as well as admin, and the notification for the new post via the timer doesn’t give the error (it also has a different icon). How did you manage to get that edit notification - are you using two different users or one user? were you publishing from a secure category or topic post that was being watched?

I got two notifications for a TL01 user watching the category where it was posted on the timer by a staff account. the second one shows an edit that was removed, which is the one that brings up the error. I’m still trying to pinpoint how it’s doing it, but something is amiss in there somewhere… :thinking:


Oh. I did kinda a lot of things, including assigning the post to my mom’s account and, um, moving the whole topic from another Discourse instance. So yeah. It’s had an unusual history. For what it’s worth, I fixed a typo after posting here and the notification now goes to that revision.

So the notification is to show me that the post had been edited (hence the pencil) and only showed up when the post is published? Does that mean there’s currently not a notification for a post that’s been published and I “lucked out” because of a phantom?[1]

  1. Moving the topic is a likely culprit, of course. :wink: ↩︎


I’ve experienced the issue with a blank history, but I’m unable to reproduce it by scheduling a post.

@jericson, could you try it with another topic and see if you can reproduce it? If it was a combination of actions you took on the topic in question, we may be searching in the wrong spot for what is causing the history view to be blank.

Please document the exact steps you take. :slight_smile:


Here’s what I did:

  1. Create a post using my own user.
  2. Unlist the post.
  3. Change the ownership of the post to be my sock puppet.
  4. Schedule the post to be published in a minute.
  5. Wait for the notification to my own user.

The sock puppet also got a notification that results in the spinner. It happened a minute or so before I got the notification. I assume related to changing the ownership, but it could be when I scheduled it to be published.

For what it’s worth, this is another Discourse instance than the one I first discovered the problem on.


Hi there, Jon! I’ve just gotten a fix for this merged in (FIX: only show edit history when navigating via edit notification for posts which have revisions and can have its edit history viewed by tyb-talks · Pull Request #26418 · discourse/discourse · GitHub). The issue is that topic publishing removes all previous revisions done to that post but the existing behaviour of that type of notification is to also show the post history modal. This fails when there’s no revisions to be found.

In this scenario, what’s expected is for a click on that notification to bring you to the topic without opening the history modal. Please pull in the latest discourse to your instance and let me know if it works for you :slight_smile: