Notify User When Topic Is Rejected

If there’s already a topic for this, I’m sorry… I must’ve missed it but I think this is something important that I’ve wanted as a feature of Discourse for a while.

I am on multiple forums, a lot of them require a topic to be approved in specific categories. I personally would like to know when my post is rejected. Sometimes I am waiting for a long time not knowing whether my topic has just not been reviewed yet and they are taking a while, or it’s just been rejected and it’s never going up. Another topic that I think would go well with this is Add reason for rejection of a post.

Topic or post/reply? You’re using a variety of conflicting terminology here.

Something similar was proposed here some months ago, but I have also changed my opinion about that.

When a new user joins the forum, they never read the rules or guidelines. It’s like the pinned posts appear only when they receive flags and say “What did I do wrong?”. That’s why some communities require review from TL0 users, just to make sure they have read the rules. In small communities, where the moderation team is more than enough, mods have the ability to directly message the user to either greet them to the forum and help them get used to it and its’ rules or just let them know about their post rejection. Trust me, that will have the users read the rules, when a message from system saying that their post got rejected will immediately go to their trash folder.

Even discobot, the most useful tutorial is not finished by most users. Therefore, automated notifications won’t do the difference and users will continue to post stuff for review, when their context might not go along with the guidelines.

Notifications such as your post has been rejected may annoy the user, something we don’t want, especially when they are new blood.

Let’s not forget that you can also DM the moderators to ask the reason of the rejection.

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At least, there should be a notification for OP if the topic is rejected by staff, then only DM thing is real.

If there is no notification to the topic rejection, the OP will think the topic is still in queue, might take some more time…

What if there was a page where it would show all the posts in the review queue for a specific user? If their post gets rejected, it will become invisible and they will now that it didn’t pass through. That system would be user friendly and will not directly show the rejection. Thoughts? :thinking:

I like that. I think that will at least help to show if it’s rejected.

Specifically topic here but I guess it can work for both.