Null Login Bug? Last Couple Betas

I believe this started the last couple beta downloads, but now after logging in “null” is added to the login which takes you to a 404.

To reproduce:
Login via any mechanism (I’ve tried both facebook and regular user login)
Login again and you will get loginmethod/null (previous beta it was no slash just loginmethodnull) - such as:

You are actually logged in and everything works fine once you get away from the Oops not found page…

I’m assuming this is some sort of redirect that isn’t happening correctly, but just thought I would report…

Can you reproduce this on meta?

I hit this on try earlier today with Google. I was having some internet blips though, so I assumed it was that. Will see if I can repro.

Yep, consistent repro on try (can’t test here on Meta due to 2FA). I hit after clicking “Log in”, then “Google”, then selecting my account. Login is successful, loading directly after hitting the null page works.


I can’t seem to experience it on meta (but there I use my github account if that matters) - I can seem to get it everytime on my site - at least with regular login and facebook…

Glad that someone else saw the error as well…

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Yes, it’s problem with that. When I login to my account (I used only login and password) i see result: http://mywebsite.comnull


I can also reproduce this on using GitHub login. FWIW, I couldn’t reproduce it using a regular signup/login.


@vinothkannans can you have an attempt to repro? I recall you recently changed some of the redirect back logic in the context of sso, maybe this is related


It’s fixed as per below commit. Clear the cookies and test the social login flow. It shouldn’t redirect back to the null URL again.