[object Object] appear instead of the banners

Hi All,

I hope you are well,

i usually have banners displaying on top and bottom of articles but since i did the last update, i know have :“[object Object]”

Do you guys know why ?

What was displaying the banners there?

That usually means that an object with several fields is being referred to rather than one of the fields.

What’s changed lately?

Hi @pfaffman,
I didn’t touch anything,
I just did a ./launcher rebuild app

What was generating the banners? A theme component?

Do you see anything in the javascript console?

You didn’t do nothing. You upgraded? Lots of stuff had changed lately.

@pfaffman if i remember well, i injected the banner display widget in the house banner plugin.

so now it just display this.
I only rebuild, nothing else special.

Then that’s what to change. The widget stuff is deprecated. You’ll need to change your you’re doing that.

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Yep i found that the variable is no longer working. I ll see what i can do.

THanks Jay


It is now working back. I don’t know why… but why not :sweat_smile: