Oddness around messages from @system

(Wolftune) #1

For example in emails:

Visit Message to respond to system

But replying to system does nothing.

Overall, it would be good if there existed some distinct settings for system messages so that things that make no sense in that case can be changed compared to normal messages between users.

(Bhanu Sharma) #2

In a nutshell, system is just a high privileged user on your forum that is doing all those things so it would probably be a lot of unnecessary work to make system messages come from nowhere instead of a system user.

Why would anyone respond to system user anyway?

(Wolftune) #3

sure, but instead of making messages come from nowhere, there could just be some tweaks that change how messages from system are presented. or not, but it’s odd anyway.

There’s some possibility to adjust universal presentations so they still work for other messages while being less weird for system ones…