On Android my Discourse is not always an option for 'sharing'

Using the latest Discourse app on the most recent released version of Android Pi.

From my camera, Discourse is an option for sharing to. But anywhere else (File browser and other apps that have the ability to ‘share’) Discourse is not an option.

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Hey Cliff, welcome to Discourse Meta.

Currently, you are only able to share text content (such as links) to Discourse.

The ability to share files (such as photos, videos, gifs, etc) is coming soon to web browsers, and will be implemented by us as soon as Google Chrome implements it.


I can share photos from my phone into a Discourse category just fine. I’ve been doing so regularly.

Oh. I see. It’s a link. doh. Sorry.

I assume you use Google Photos app to see your camera photos, and that specific app share photos using a “just in time” link.

The feature that allows PWAs to register as share targets for files is coming along fine, and should be available this year.