On integration between Ghost and Discourse

Searching for the answer to my original question Can Ghost be used to write blogs and technical books at the same time I discovered Discourse and fell in love with it.

After reading the article How to use Ghost and Discourse together, I got even happier envisioning the seamless weaving of data between these two platforms.

I am still missing one piece of functionality - being able to write blogs (hello, Ghost) and technical documents that look like created with Gitbook

I used Gitbook in my past life frequently but this solution does not naturally fit into my integrated Ghost+Discourse platform.

One possibility might be DocuHub - A Modern Documentation Theme for Ghost, associated with some fancy footwork:

With the Routes & Collections you can separate your content. For example, having all blog posts on the index(/) page and having all doc posts under the /doc route.

as this may not fit naturally in my Ghost+Discourse platform.

I will appreciate any comments :grinning: