Onboarding course?

I want to teach members joining how to use our platform to help them acclimatise and become good members of the community as quickly as possible. Something like a chain of DMs guiding their progress through learning how the forum works and simple tasks with badges received for completing them, without blocking access to the forum and putting less patient users off.

I was looking for an onboarding plugin that could do something similar but couldn’t find any so i’m thinking i could automate a welcome message with tasks to complete and set up a category where new users can post their completed tasks. I could also set up badges rewarded for posting in that category. Its possible but not as smooth as i’d like.

Anyone tackle onboarding in other creative ways?

This is already a thing! Its @ discobot

They automatically send all new users a message and you can also earn badges.

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Yes, i could add it all into the discobot 1st message. Its probably better than an email anyway as an email with that many links would get spam filtered hard.

Its still not as smooth as a full onboarding course would be, though if i can get Discobot to send a few welcome messages rather than 1 to break it up that would look better than a wall of tasks and links.

Maybe you will interested in Automation or Wizards. They are great to improve what you mention here.

Could be nothing for solid communities or societies with discussing on their day-by-day basis but I think we are agree that for the rest of the world, Discobot is useless like the ‘newcomers guide’ Discourse shows by default.

Discourse UI/UX needs to improve a lot (we can leave transitions, gradients and small texts on the 80’s :sweat_smile: ) but those plugins could handle the situation while Discourse continue understanding how the outside world really is.

Chat and sidebar are aligned with the same, so it’s good to enjoy and be patient. It’s always a matters of time!

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Is there an active discussion on this that you know of. I’d be interested to follow and join in.

I don’t found anything related and I suspect that will be discussed on last quarter or next year because chat+sidebar means a lot of work (and it’s related to UI/UX general experience too).

Some themes could helps but we have issues with the display of buttons, moderation tools or progress bar on topics. The post meter is the same within 15 years or something.

And it could be improved, not totally changed because it works.

That’s a pretty confident statement :laughing:

I thought the same until I broke Discobot by playing with things I shouldn’t. Whilst going through the logs I found that quite a lot of people had gone through the tutorials, enjoyed them and learned from them.

@Drew-ART You’re pretty much describing the discobot tutorials in your initial post. Nudge your newest users towards using the built in tutorials and Discobot. Not only are they pretty good, they always reflect the most up to date state of the platform :wink:


So you are very lucky, people on our community just don’t (1.4k members already in).

Bot on chat could be a major turn over :slight_smile:

I’ve done this by:

  1. renaming / avataring the chatbot to make it fit in better with our branding
  2. ensuring some easy to use links to them are surfaced in the FAQ and a few other places
  3. customising the text of the first chat message

But I’d like to do an automation so that new users who haven’t done the tutorial are prompted a few times - just haven’t gotten around to it.

Anyone got some other good tricks that have worked?