Open always the most recent post of topic


Its kinda random on Desktop which post it opens when you click a topic in the main listing and mostly it opens the first post of the topic. But on mobile it always open the post recent post of the topic you pressed. Or the most recent one you havent read yet.

Is it possible to set on Desktop that it behaves the same way as mobile?

Or is there something i don’t understand in this UX :slight_smile: ?

-Yu G

What? Your question is unclear.

  • If you’re a logged in user, the topic always opens at your last read position in the topic.

  • If you’ve never read the topic, or you are not a logged in user, then your read position is at the top by default.


so i’m logged in and i press a topic that i have read before so all posts are read by me. And i am then in a very random location in the middle of the chain.

Maybe that Discourse is installed incorrectly so it is broken, or has broken customizations. :man_shrugging:

As long as you’re logged in, and enter in the typical way by clicking or tapping on a topic title, you’ll arrive at your last read position.

Unless you can repro it here, that site is broken.

It seems that it opens the first post of the chain when i click on a topic title on Desktop. but on Mobile it opens the last post when i tap the topic title. Is it possible to set that it behaves the way as the mobile version does? It seems that it behaves the same way on this discourse which is kinda strange or is this a feature :D?

I have no idea what you are talking about, and I can’t reproduce it.

The rule is the same on desktop and mobile, and has been since we launched the Discourse project in 2013. See my above post.

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