Opening Discourse flashes white when on dark mode

Here’s a video of this occurring on my iPhone, but I just tested that it occurs on Windows as well. All you have to do is enable dark mode on your OS and try to open in a new tab. (I use Chrome if that matters.) If you are set to light mode on your OS instead of dark mode, it will load with a dark background instead of a white background. I think it’s a recent issue, maybe since the new … loader was added, but I’m not sure on the exact timing. While this isn’t necessarily a bug, it is quite jarring having a bright white screen show up when set to dark mode on iOS and the default dark theme on Discourse. Making this brief background dark instead of white would be a great improvement.


It’s discussed here: Introducing Discourse Splash - A visual preloader displayed while site assets load - #8 by agemo.

Thanks. I guess this can be closed. I already reposted the relevant information in the other topic.

EDIT: And somehow I managed to reply to myself. :joy:

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