Option for system flag tag

We receive a lot of system flags on a daily basis that generate a large number of messages in the moderator inbox. This makes it difficult to filter out legitimate messages from the system flags.

Is there an option to assign a tag to system messages or another method to help filter out the system messages?

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Can you provide specific examples? What system flags are you referring to?

“A post in Sample Post requires staff attention” messages.

Presuming that is a “legitimate message”, which system flag messages are not?

When a user flags a post, a message is sent to the moderator box. Our moderator mailbox gets filled with the system generated messages which makes it hard to identify the valid messages (see first message)

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What @Chris_S is talking about, is whether or not it’s possible to change where the automated flag messages ends up?

Many of our users today, send general questions or concerns to the inbox [@ moderators], but it can be a tricky inbox to keep track of since there’s a lot of those “A post in [topic] requires staff attention”.

If possible, we would like to divert those PM’s that are created by custom flags to a different inbox. Or if there’s any other way to “filter” the inbox better?


I think the easy way is to make a new group inbox and have folks send their queries there, and keep moderators for system flags. I understand I’m disregarding your community’s behavior, just offering a path. :slight_smile: