Option to "Hide Overriden" when customizing text overrides

Currently under Admin / Settings you can filter by Only show overridden.

It would also be extremely helpful to admins to Hide overriden from results. Thanks for considering and great work!

How would this be useful? The not overridden settings would be a massive, overwhelming list.

My thought is to just not show those settings I’ve edited.

Issue is I’m having difficulty finding settings I haven’t yet changed since only first 50 items are returned. There is no option to continue browsing through items beyond the 50 results shown. Instead, I’m asked to “refine my search.” Unsure of best way to make it easier to filter through when changing a complex name structure in Discourse such as the word membership and member as it pertains to our forum.

Are you referring to text overrides or site settings?

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Text overrides in this case.

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This doesn’t answer your initial question, but if you’re having trouble finding the correct translation key to override for a term that is used in a lot of places, try finding the key with the method that’s outlined here: Find a translation key with verbose localization.