Order posts by Title

Discourse can be used as a very effective LMS. I have been using it successfully for a couple of years now. The only thing that I would even pay someone to do is the ability to organise the Topics under a category by Title.

I have seen other posts requesting the same feature. I also know that the Docs plugin allows for that, but it is cumbersome due to the number of various courses that we offer. It adds extra steps just to see the posts organized by title.


  1. Is there a plugin that allows us to order topics under a category by their TITLE? For LMS, this is important because lessons must be followed in a sequence. And even though we use numbering in our TITLES, Discourse does not order them by TITLE.
  2. Are there any plans to add this feature?
  3. Can someone develop this for us?

You could try posting in marketplace.

Another option would be to pin an index to the top of a category. (Or use the “About” topic.) That post would have a list of topics in whatever order you need. Instead of using the regular category list to navigate, people could use the index. That way you wouldn’t need to number topic, if you didn’t want to.

Page Publishing might be useful here as well.


Thanks Jon