Organising and accessing a large amount of AI Bot personas

There are so many personas for the Discourse AI bot that I had to use the scroll bar.

So if you are like me and know the Forum Helper should be there and do not see it, use the scroll bar. I thought it was missing for a moment.



Scrollbar is good :100:
Since I use exclusively AI on my instance of the forum, I expect that in the near future I expect that on my forum the number of assistants with different personalities may exceed 100. I think that my forum may be no exception and very soon forum administrators may have a need for categorization these assistants in the message editor. For example:

  • Assistants for working with text
  • Image assistants
  • Audio assistants (if available in the future)
  • Other assistants

Thoughts out loud :slightly_smiling_face:


Continuation of the scrollbar theme. Today I discovered that the scrollbar does not work for opening composer with pre-filled template:

(chrome browser)