Page Publishing

Can you make this a separate feature request please? This is not related to page publishing, as in I wouldn’t have to change anything related to page publishing to make it possible. I do agree it would be better if all these “static” pages could have more or less the same behaviour, but there are multiple solutions here (do nothing? add site settings? migrate these to page publishing?), so we might want to have a dedicated topic for this.



We have added some more styling to the Published Page for a better integration into the Discourse environment. :smile: :discourse:

The html and css referenced in the OP has been updated to reflect this change.


Cool !
But too bad some of those classes were renamed and I don’t really understand why the prefixes differ between the classes now: some of them are now pp- and others are published-page- ?


Ah yes! You are correct, the pp references have been changed to published-page for consistency.


I love this! :heart_eyes_cat: Page publishing can be super handy for Teams who want to work privately but maybe share periodic reports via a page accessible without having to log in.

The title text size is enormous and formatting gets messed up when it goves over one line:

Personally, I’d like to see the author information get lower priority. For published pages it matters less and is distracting. I suggested this earlier but maybe nobody else thinks this is an issue at all… if not, no biggie.

Is there any appetite to seek feature parity with the way topics display stuff like discotoc, oneboxing, image view, dates etc? If so I can help with testing.


Hi, the primary use case for Pages in my context is to embed videos that can be played on the page itself.

Imagine a Discourse page that basically allows a community owner to replicate the YouTube experience. Embed a Video at the Top, have Discourse discussions underneath. But… you get all the benefits of having the conversation at your own community, with Discourse moderation tools, spam and troll protection, user registration, etc. And it works equally well for free content and paid content.

In distinction to just using the Topics, the Discourse Pages approach allows for much more styling to meet brand guidelines.

Thank you, as always, for your consideration.


You can display videos from various video services within discourse posts already. Just put the URL on its own line.

Page Publishing doesn’t show the replies or interactive features… only the first post in the topic.


Yes, we currently use that approach.

For instance, we have live-streamed conferences with multiple video sessions. I’d like to display them in our community on a Page that is nicely branded. Then as they want to discuss a session, provide a link so they can click over to the discussion for that session.

This enables our Discourse community to be a one-stop shop for everything related to an online conference: secure permissioning of the content, viewing the content on a branded page, and discussing the content.


How would that nicely branded page be different from a discourse topic page? Can you give a screenshot to illustrate what you mean?


Hi, we’re still working on it (@RGJ and @michaeld are amazing!), but here’s one concept:


What about a video gallery type of page? Like a grid of embedded videos. Clicking into a video brings up the video with Discourse comments below it.


Hi @Bill, that could be interesting. Could you point me to some examples? Or a mockup?

I think I like the idea of each video in its own section. That creates a structure and clarity that is aesthetically pleasing to my eye at least.

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Does it happen on all topics or all published pages? Sorry I cannot verify, I’m on the road. If the latter, changing style for the .published-page-title class should do it.

I guess you can adjust author style with another class


It seems that theme components are only partially applied?
CSS is, but scripts in /head are not.
Or am I overlooking something?


I’ve noticed that in mobile, there are no margins for published pages.

I’m sure I could fix that for my little forum with a bit of CSS tweaking, but it might be better to do this for everyone.


GTM not loaded on published pages? Would be nice.

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at the moment page publishing is not designed to support theme components or anything using plugin api and especially decorateCooked.

Not saying this is impossible, but we didn’t work on it and at this point I dont know if we will.


I can understand that, after all there are no Ember components on those pages.

My question is just about some simple jQuery code (document.ready()) and things like GA, GTM. The simple and plain Javascript stuff, so to say. It would be sufficient if the </head> and <footer> sections of the theme component would be inserted as-is.


Maybe I didn’t try it, but wouldn’t that cause error with other themes trying to load code which is not available?


Hi @joffreyjaffeux, could you give us any context to the scope of the Page Publishing feature?

It just seems like such a breakthrough feature for Discourse because it allows Discourse to take on some of the capacities of a website. This is huge for presenting content in a very particular way.

At the same time, it is happening within Discourse, and so it is integrated with the world class permissioning system and discussion capacity.

It is - potentially - the best of both worlds.

In particular, one powerful use case for this feature is for online conferences. The visual design needs to be part of wowing participants. Displaying videos and livestream is central. But the interaction opportunities that Discourse provides is superior to the ‘conference’ technologies.

My take is that enabling communities to host online conferences - with a more fully featured Discourse Page Publishing functionality - creates an incredible dynamic to boost the role of Discourse communities in many organizations.