Pageviews exhausted

What will happen if I exhaust my site’s pageviews?

Will I be able to buy more once its exhausted?

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What happens if I go over the plan limits?

Your site will never stop working! We understand your site can get a lot of visitors quickly for any number of reasons, and success is something to celebrate! If your site exceeds plan limits for several months in a row, we will contact you to discuss flexible upgrade options.

You can also find an add-on for the standard plan on that site. It adds 100k extra page views among other things.



Thanks for the response.

The link is not working, from what I read, I can understand that even if I cross the 100K pageviews limit, it doesnt matter. As the site continues to work as usual.


I fixed the link

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The official statement reads that the team will contact you if your site goes past the limits for several months in a row, at which point some things may run better at a different tier

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