[PAID] Articles Plugin for Discourse

There is a need to create a plugin that adds the functionality of articles to the site. The site has functionality for adding topics, articles will fully inherit this functionality with some of the differences described below.

Key Points

  • Now, to change the design of topics in the “Articles” category, used the theme component Blog Post Styling. You can include it in the plugin.
  • Articles, as well as topics appear in the general feed on the main page and in other sections.
  • Create a separate page with a list of articles sorted by date added.
  • For the list of articles use the standard topic list template.
  • As in topics, you can leave comments in articles
  • Articles can be added to categories and subcategories, as in topics. For articles, you can create the “Articles” category and create subcategories there. Only articles can be published in these categories.
  • Articles are added using the standard form, in the form you can choose the type of publication Topic / Article

The main differences between articles and topics

  • Topic URLs now look like /t/tut-razdaem-invajty-na-dribbble/663/16, article URLs should look like this /tut-razdaem-invajty-na-dribbble. It is necessary to remove unnecessary parts from the URL, namely: /t and the number that is added at the end of the link /663/16
  • Make it possible to upload images of the article (the photo upload process can be taken from this component Blog Post Styling)
  • For images inside the article, make it possible to make a caption to the picture. Output signature using html tag Signature here

  • For images make a choice of image width. For each of the width corresponds to a specific class.

By the width of the content, add the class: alignwide

Full width, add a class: alignfull

By default, no classes are added

Add a new menu item:

This is how the form for adding a topic will look:

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?
Open to offers.


I’ve contacted Fedor offline to see if we can extend the News Plugin to help with this.


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